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My name is Mary Elizabeth Mary Barnet (common nickname : Betty or Betsy). My father called me by both to differentiate me from my Mother artist Mary Sinclair. It is Copyright, 1972, Will Barnet. All Rights reserved. But I am certain that he, artist extraordinaire & teacher and colleague of my husband, artist Richard E. Schiff my father received our Nation's highest Arts Award right before his passing and was a Chevalier of The French Legion of Honor, would have given me, his eldest daughter permission to reproduce it ! So here's M.E.!

Betsy (Mary Elizabeth Barnet) by Will Barnet
Copyright, 1972, Will Barnet.
All Rights Reserved.

Review of 86 Sonnets

86 Sonnets for the 21st Century

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Review of Mary Barnet's Arrival
by Salvatore Buttaci

With drawings by Richard E. Schiff  :




Baggot Inn March 27th 1999
West 3rd Street Greenwich Village NYC 
Reading of Poetry Editors Brought together by
(The Baggot Inn ceased operation in 2008)

Mary is proud to announce the recent 2012 presentation of the National Art Award to her now Late Father Will Barnet.

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Central Park
Poem with drawing by Richard E. Schiff, A.S.L.

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